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Website Design and Development

In today’s digital age, website design and development has become an integral asset for business operations. Well-constructed, high functioning websites extend a business’ market reach and branding into the expanding world of internet commerce. Whether you are thinking it’s time your business had a website or it’s time to revise one you already have, identifying what is essential–from what is not essential–in its design and development, keeps the focus in the right place.

Otherwise, you may end up spending too much money on features or elements that may have worked for a “brick & mortar” operation but prove completely irrelevant to traffic visiting your site. A lot of traffic doesn’t, on its own, translate into more business either. For best results, it’s best to stand back and let more objective criteria lead the development of any new integrated website, one designed first and foremost around enhancing user experiences.

The best websites in the world do this already. They maintain full-time control of top ranking positions on the internet by doing something that most websites do not do: the site makes it easy for visitors to do business in a virtual world.

If a website isn’t designed to encourage search traffic to stay focused and engaged, to encourage longer, more productive stays–well, they’ll just leave. Studies show that the longer visitors stay on your site, the more pages they will visit; the more they like what they see, the more likely they are to become a customer—and eventually, a loyal, frequent one!

At M4Group, we know how to integrate design and functionality that will encourage traffic to “stick.” Core concepts essential to successful business online include:


Intuitive Navigation

Commercial websites need to anticipate what users will expect to see and do when they arrive at the company website. A buffet of search options is one way to address these expectations.With everything on display, traffic will be able to move quickly and easily to find what exactly they are looking for—from wherever they are inside the site! Better search results means they find what they want.

Interactive Visuals & Tools

Interactivity is another way to keep visitors on purpose and on your site longer. Helping searchers narrow their search means they find what they want with less effort. Interactivity is what keeps them on the site longer. Bookmarking for future reference.

Social Media Influence

If you’re not connected to the social networks and other networking influences on line, your website will miss many dynamic opportunities to build long-term relationships with your customers and to boost their confidence and trust in your company’s ability to provide quality products and services.

Integrated E-commerce Platforms

It is essential to provide accessible e-commerce platforms on your business website. Commercial intent should be evident not buried deep inside your site. Accessible and integrated e-commerce connections–discretely woven into the pages–keep business transactions top of mind. Wherever they are or wherever they go on the site, searchers can see and easily act upon elements of commercial intent when they are ready to do so.

Website Development Pricing

Each website development project that we take on is unique and therefore the pricing is based on the scope of the project. We always provide website quotes once we have completed an analysis of your needs. Our prices range from $1,950 for a quick start website, $7,500 for a premium website, and up to $15,000 + for full design and development with an integrated SEO package.

Compare Website Design and Development Packages that include some of our most popular features.  Of course, we will discuss all of the elements that your new site will need now, and over time to meet your budget and timeframe. Give us a give us a call to get started on the perfect website for your business today.

Let’s get your internet presence started!

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