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Webinars are Conversion Machines

Online traffic is the life blood of any business—but most miss the reason why. In their minds, business owners tend to think “traffic” leads directly to sales.

But it’s NOT true! Traffic strategies may move a lot of people to your website, but what happens next is what converts the sale. The fact is, unless you engage the traffic that lands there, how can there be any interest in a product purchase?

So, what kind of content will engage and convert best?

Currently, live webinars (a.k.a online seminars) are experiencing a huge surge in popularity. And rightly so. Live webinars are conversion machines that:

  • Engage, educate and promote offer solutions
  • Build up trusted relationships with an interested audience and admiring fans
  • Influence and convert audience interest and high regard into sales

Participants value webinars and perceive them as:

  • A special event
  • Convenient
  • Timely on demand content
  • A valuable educational resource
  • Interactive—a lively topical exchange with a subject matter expert
  • A trusted source for information and expert advice
  • An exclusive, value-added purchase opportunity
  • A time-sensitive purchase opportunity

It is this relationship with an engaged audience that allows you to influence and eventually convert their visit into a sale. Not many websites do that!

BONUS! Live webinars re-purposed into a series of perpetual webinars after the event can produce an added bonus. It can create residual income month after month, year after year from work you’ve already completed. Prerecorded webinars are valuable revenue generators over time. However, it is important to balance this with an on-going series of LIVE webinars that can be re-purposed further.

How hard is it to produce a webinar that converts well?

There are a myriad of factors that affect webinar conversion. Just producing a webinar doesn’t automatically ensure a jump in sales! Here’s why:

•    You need a lot of targeted traffic to lure the “right” kind of prospects to your webinar
•    If the traffic is not interested or familiar with your webinar topic, they won’t sign up
•    On average, 40 to 60% of those who do register, never show up
•    Those who do show up may leave early
•    Those who stay may not buy!

But here’s the Good News! Each of these factors can be managed to dramatically impact your conversion rates.


Webinars have a lot of moving parts. If you only have a limited amount of time, energy and resources to focus on new marketing ventures, webinar production and automation may be something you won’t want to experiment with on your own. Everybody in this business has had their fair share of failed webinar experiments and it takes time to personalize winning formulas.

For quicker, effective results, most companies leave it in the hands of experts.

Over the last several years, our company has developed and personalized webinar systems to balance educating and marketing to produce spectacular conversions. Result? A much better sales conversion rate compared to traditional 2% online website conversions. Industry conversion rate of 25% or more are common.


Let’s get started!


Learn How to Automate Your Services & Product Sales for Predictable Consistent Results Using Webinars

On this Webinar we will explain what prevents most experts from fully monetizing their expertise, experiences, and their proprietary assets and, in the process, learn how to steer clear of obstacles that can get in your way, slow you down, trip you up and otherwise curtail your chances of a successful business enterprise on line.

We’ll also goes over a Straightforward Formula to create an Information Marketing product for yourself correctly, so that can it can generate Money Out of Thin Air. Plus, how to market that product so that it generates more money, faster than almost any other online or offline strategy.

This is the same exact system used by most successful Internet Marketers in the world today.

After you see this Webinar, you will be able to apply these same exact techniques to your business.

This Webinar Event will teach anyone “how transition from an information expert to an information marketer” or “how to increase profits from their current information business” just by replicating the system used by the marketing elite.

In fact, No “Internet Marketing” experience is necessary to have a lucrative information business running within 21 days after you attend this event. We will teach you everything you need to know and give you the tools on this information packed webinar.

If you have been paralyzed by information overload, deceived by “shiny gadgets” and time wasting tactics, or you just don’t know where to start… We will show you how to:

  • repurpose what you already know or have into a high-converting information product (WITHOUT making mistakes that ruin most newbies)
  • transition from information provider to valued expert with a valuable solution (that more people are willing to pay you top dollar for)
  • apply the 80-20 rule for maximum results (and you can give yourself a hefty raise!)
  • automate the entire process—so your presence is not required!

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