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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (aka SEO or Search Engine Marketing) is the process of getting one’s website ranked high in the search engines with a primary emphasis on Google. As nearly all search engines sell sponsored ad space, it is important to note that SEO is designed to help improve your organic rankings, that is, the placement that you can get for free. While there is nothing wrong with buying pay-per-click ads, it is very important that your website pages rank well in the organic search engine listings too, as top rankings bring lots of free qualified traffic to your website.

On-page SEO Tactics

On-page SEO is primarily technical in nature and needs to be applied to every page of your website. Websites are not optimized as a whole but rather one page at a time but with an overall perspective of what is trying to be achieved. The more optimized web pages you have, the more optimized entry points or portals visitors have into your website—which in turn increases traffic flow and optimizes the rate of sales conversions.

Without going to go into great detail as to what is specifically done to each page, an on-page SEO should accomplish three main objectives:

Your website’s code should be well-coded; that is, it should be easily read and understood by search engines. Each page of your website should be built around intelligent keyword phrases that are likely to draw targeted visitors to your website pages. It’s especially essential to get in front of the local search traffic already looking for your specific products or services in your city or regional area. Your site’s design should be attractive and your content found useful to visitors so as to encourage them to stay as long as possible on your site.

One on-page SEO tactic that isn’t even widely discussed it what is called visitor experience optimization.  Google, and other search engines, have the ability to track how long the average visitor stays on a website and will give added benefit to websites that have a longer than average stays.

If the majority of your website visitors hit the back button after being on your site for only three seconds, the search engines will assume that they either didn’t like what they saw or they didn’t find what they were looking for.

However, if your visitors stay on your site for 1-3 minutes (or more), the search engines will give you a boost in the search engine rankings. The visitors obviously have liked something about your site to stay longer and therefore, your site is believed to contain more valuable content. Valuable traffic activity to and inside a website builds rank, position and establishes authority for the site. By consistently maintaining Google rank and buzz in top positions, your unique web pages could draw up to 42% of all qualified traffic for that market niche

This is one of the reasons that it’s wise to use whatever works to keep visitors engaged on your website. This can include intuitive navigation, interactive visuals and options, influencing tools and social media. Getting your visitor to sign-up for polls, surveys, club cards, contests to receive rewards or a free gift, adding video to your website or simply allowing them to comment, review and share also works.

All these strategies help your visitors connect in a more personal way than just having the ability to read your website’s content. It will ultimately bring more business in addition to helping your website rank better in the search engines.

Off-page SEO Tactics

There are a number of off-page SEO tactics, but the most important one is how many links your site has pointing at it from other website pages across the Internet. The more links your site has, the better. This is because each link can be thought of as a “vote” for your site. The search engines figure that if others like your site well enough to link to it, then it probably contains valuable information. This is why we use Article Syndication, Web 2.0 Strategies and a variety of other techniques to continually build syndication and directory links for our clients.

Traffic Generation Strategies

Even the most attractive of websites is useless without visitors. That’s why—over a period of time—we use many different traffic generation strategies to help our clients dominate the search engine results and bring targeted traffic that is meaningful to your business. For this reason, along with on-page and off-page SEO, we also optimize your social media.

Social media’s importance is growing in the eyes of the search engines. Recently, both Google and Bing have begun to validate and index the quality of the content found on social media sites. Because Facebook and Twitter content is now indexed, it pays to optimize them as it will now contribute to your page ranking.

Other Traffic Generation Strategies
  • Article Syndication Press Releases
  • Blogging/RSS Feed Syndication:  A web page with active blogs has 55% more traffic than those without!
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Utilizing “Web 2.0” properties (like Twitter.com, Facebook.com, etc.)
  • Video Syndication (like YouTube.com, Viddler.com, etc.)
  • Industry Directories and Citations (like Google Places, Yahoo, Merchant Circle etc.)
  • And a whole lot more. To developers like us, it seems like new ones are being developed everyday!

All together the harmony of these integrated optimizing pieces brands your site and creates a powerful on-line sales and marketing asset for a long time to come.

Use the SEO resources we have prepared for you here to gain a better understanding of the important role SEO plays in your internet marketing strategies. Indeed these resources can be used to help your business implement some of the strategies, however we have found that most of our clients do not have the time or where with all to keep up with the ongoing changes in the SEO world.  They really don’t even want to know how it is done, all they care about is the results. That is because they understand that Google is your business’ best friend and they have 10 trophy positions that they will reward to the businesses that do the right things.

At the end of the day, you are either striving to be in one of those 10 top positions, or you are already there and are now working to defend your position from all the other competitors trying to get to the top, too.

When you realize that the amount of qualified traffic that can be yours every single day on the internet, SEO will rise to the most important marketing strategy for your business. It’s one that deserves your immediate attention. Do not be concerned how–just get started. At M4 Group, we do it all for you with SEO service plans that fit every business and budget.

Further, when our clients commit to maintaining top page local ranking, we will guarantee exclusivity: that is, we will only work with one industry niche per local area. With no conflicts of interest, our clients know we are behind them 100% so they can flourish in their own locality. So if we aren’t working for you, you may find us working for your competitor!

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