Results Take Time

What Kind of SEO Results Can I Expect For My Business?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get about SEO is: “How long will my business have to wait until it starts to see some solid on and off-line commercial activity?” This article will provide you with a few scenarios and our own statistical results to help you gauge how long you may need to wait before you start seeing some results. At the very least, we want to offer you a perspective about SEO developments that you may not have had before so you can see what is possible for your business.

I think it would be fair to say that it doesn’t matter what business you are in or what strategies you used to get you there, in all cases you were held a prisoner of time. Regardless of the nature and scope of your marketing campaigns, you had to wait for results.  In the vast majority of cases, it didn’t happen over night.

It’s no different with SEO campaigns. Even if you implement massive syndication and link building, social media campaigns and use extremely optimized content development, you will still have to wait for those results to be found. Just how long, however, depends on a number of factors such as, e.g., the age and status of your original web site, how competitive your target phrase is, or if your site is sufficiently optimized to take on industry “gorillas” in your market niche.

The M4 Group team draws on a wealth of research it uncovers about your industry’s competition to neutralize obstacles in the way, right at the starting gate. That way, you can expect wait times for a higher rank to be kept to a minimum.

SEO Expectations
An established, active website will seldom have to wait more than a month to get Google’s attention. Yet be aware that if your site has been up for a number of years with nothing happening on it, it may take even longer.

On average, significant results are typically achieved within 90 days. In some cases, we may achieve results faster and in some cases we may not get you all the way there in the first 90 days due to higher-than-normal levels of competition. After 90 days, we will make further recommendations to alter this program as necessary to achieve more desirable results. Note: We do not recommend altering course until the program has been running for at least 90 days so we can gauge competition levels more accurately.

Every month, we provide you with a Rank Status Report in the major search engines so you always know how you are progressing. We do not, however, disclose our network of sites and pages being used to do our linking, nor do we report on where we are placing the links. This is mainly for the protection of our network as well as the protection of all of our clients.

Further, we often vary and/or adjust what we are doing to maximize our SEO efforts.  For example, certain months we may do other things to create links and popularity associations to supplement and boost program results. The list of exactly what we do is loosely defined for a reason. Rather than sticking to a generic grocery list of things to do–as some SEO companies do–we take a more flexible approach to keep the program as effective as it can be.

Over a six (6) month time frame, here are the sorts of results our team has secured for clients:

  • New SEO service clients: 239
  • Total number of TOP 10 search engine rankings: 11,165
  • Number of clients with over 100 TOP 10 positions: 26
  • Average number of TOP 10 positions per new client: 46

Satisfaction Guarantee

We promise you, that if we can’t get one of your Top 10 keywords to the first page of Google within 180 days, our team will keep working at it on our own dime until we do!

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