No Traffic = No Business

FREE Traffic is Back and Easier Than Ever!

Is SEO for me…but only for those who know how to twist Google’s big, hairy arm.

Let’s discuss why you MUST add search engine optimization to your overall traffic strategy…

Organic Search Traffic Is KING!

Organic Traffic Is Growing…Paid Is Declining

Google Admits To Puny Amounts of Traffic for paid searches

Where Are All The Clicks Going?

The first ORGANIC (i.e. non-sponsored listing) receives 41 – 45% of the available traffic, and the second ORGANIC result receives 11 – 18% of the available traffic, the third ORGANIC result receives approximately 9%

The paid, sponsored listings cumulatively are getting a measly 1-2% of the search traffic.

Hmmm, let’s do the math on this.  There is a whopping 10-22 TIMES more free results than all the PAID listings put together.

Let me say it another way… The Organic Traffic Is FREE and dominates the searched traffic whereas the paid, sponsored listings are getting a puny residual of the traffic.  Even positions 4-10 get more free traffic at approximately 1% each.

The “Click-Shift” Has Begun…

So now that you know about this, what are you going to do about it?

Well I hope you agree that you need to do something…

OPTION 1: Continue being naive…believing (like the so-called “SEO Professionals” would have you believe) that getting ranked is a “painful process”…

OPTION 2: Take ownership of your traffic and claim all the clicks that your AdWords competitors are leaving on the table…

I hope you chose “Option 2”, because the truth is…

WE Can Do This…WE Can BEAT Google!
You see, it’s actually quite EASY to slide onto the first page of Google, and with a slight “push” even businesses with new websites can creep into the top 3 results for most niche markets.

Let’s talk about putting our perpetual traffic formula to work for you, and start getting you some of that FREE TRAFFIC!

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