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Without doubt, mobile devices are changing the way people shop and how they will continue to shop well into the foreseeable future. Shoppers today are way ahead of media, actively cross-channel shopping for their purchases and brands. More than 50% of consumers buying in bricks-and-mortar stores begin their research process online, using apps on their mobile devices, before they come to the store location. [Forrester Research Consumer Survey, 2009]

This cross-channel approach to shopping is fast becoming the norm and is expected to generate one trillion dollars in sales by 2012.

In Canada, almost 77 per cent of households have at least one cellphone. Yet, according to Statistics Canada (2010) the proportion of homes with land line service has dropped to 89 per cent, the lowest level since 1965. Industry analysts predict that after 2014, there will be more users connected to the Internet through mobile phones than desktop computers–something that even a few years ago would have been unthinkable. Is your marketing plan ready for this tsunami of mobile consumers? How are you planning to get their attention?

Mobile websites and marketing from mobile text messaging platforms are two approaches well suited to today’s mobile consumer demands.

Mobile Website Design and Development

Mobile websites are increasingly becoming an extension of “business as usual”. A mobile website ensures consumers in your local market can find you from their mobile devices. Traditional websites can make this difficult because of a mobile device’s reduced screen size. Unlike traditional websites, a mobile-enabled website is less about enhancing user experiences and more about allowing the searcher to take immediate action. Mobile consumers are mainly interested in getting access to your products and services–on the go! To that end, a mobile website must be considerably streamlined to allow them to do this easily and quickly.

The secret to creating a successful mobile website, then, is to keep its design and function very, very simple. Mobile websites are built to create a seamless multichannel shopping experience–from the Internet directly to your storefront.

Marketing with Mobile Text Messaging

The Mobile Marketing platform is all about texting. The technology allows businesses conversations that reach out and communicate more effectively with local consumers or existing customers to increase the frequency of store visits and to build customer loyalty. Campaigns designed around texting will out-perform all other media for both large and small businesses in today’s mobile market environment. Marketing on a mobile text platform is like an app that your business can use to reach out to a brand new segment of consumers.

The interactive nature of mobile texting makes it one of the most engaging marketing mediums available today. Starting a texting conversation with consumers is immediate and fun.

Consumers with mobile devices are everywhere, ready and waiting to receive instant mobile advertising content. Consider this:

  • More than 70% of the population carries their mobile devices with them at all times
  • Expect a much higher response rate—a 20-70% response—compared to traditional media
  • 95% of mobile users will actually read your ads
  • It’s an easy way to build powerful databases for future promotions or broadcasts
  • Our mobile system tracks and measures your mobile advertising results with every SMS text message or mobile alert. No more guessing!
  • Our software is built with a powerful reporting function
  • Create appointment reminders or launch bulk SMS messaging to any targeted opt-in list with an integrated CRM system to manage all of the transaction data.
  • Engage your customers with voting, polling, text to screens, surveys and mobile marketing coupons or deliver mobile content like ring tones, wallpapers, video or text interactive, one-on-one messages and offers
  • It’s so cool, too! Customers appreciate companies that are innovative and offer something new and different. A great way to separate yourself from your competition.

Our Quick-Start Mobile Marketing Packages are industry specific, too with a suite of customized tools for a wide range of industry niches such as:

  • health care services and clinics
  • retail
  • automotive
  • sports events
  • entertainment nightclubs, restaurants, golf courses
  • hotels, spas & fitness,  financial services, real estate
  • religious and non-profit organizations

Choose a platform best suited to your business industry. As your business grows, attach additional modules from our al a carte menu.

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