What You Should Know About Mobile Marketing

Does your business incorporate any Mobile Internet or other digital advertising, right now?

The current economic climate is changing the way people are spending money. Whatever the economic hurdles ahead, one thing is very clear: a larger portion of total media ad spending will migrate to the Internet — even if overall ad spending remains stagnant. In 2010, mobile location-based ad spending was around $42.8 million and spending is predicted to soar to $1.8 BILLION by 2015. That’s a 4,175.5 % increase over the next 4 years! Is your business ready for this cultural shift?

With mobile devices everywhere, emerging markets for Mobile Internet and other digital advertising is growing at an unprecedented rate. So it is always surprising to me when I talk to business owners to see how few are direct marketing to mobile cell phone and mobile device users in their local area.

The only way to know if your business is playing on a level playing field in today’s marketplace is to ask yourself this one question: have you fused your existing marketing to local internet searches? And I’m not talking about that company website you put up about 5 to 10 years ago either. I mean hard-wired connections from your storefront to the internet and from there to the roaming mobile traffic in your local area.

Canadian statistics show we love our mobile devices. Over 77%  currently own at least one cell phone (77.8%) with BC as the second largest group of users–that’s tens of thousands of cell phones in one province alone.  But what makes these facts especially interesting is that most of those cell phone users (70%) carry their devices with them all the time. That’s right; they’re never without them.

And they’re always using them. For instance, when it comes to shopping, more than 50% begin their research process online before they go to a store location to get what they need.

Mobile Fusion Marketing

The current attraction to anything mobile is such a major opportunity, especially for local businesses. That’s why I always ask business owners if they have made or are making any plans to advertise to this tsunami of mobile users.

It’s a great way to reach out and trigger immediate and frequent conversations with local consumers. It’s also an easy way to generate customer loyalty. They’ll even text you permission to market to them right from their phone so it’s an easy way to build powerful databases for future promotions.

Local businesses tell me they’re not completely happy with results they’re getting with traditional media because in the last few years it’s not only become more expensive, they’re not able to easily track and measure results.  They feel like they’re throwing their money away.  Is this something that you’ve experienced in your business, too?

My family lives, works and plays here so we have a vested interest in seeing our community prosper in these uncertain times. We’ve been hearing industry analysts forecast for some time now how by next year mobile devices will be a larger business than the PC and the Web combined.  It’s our business to pay attention to that and to encourage businesses to take advantage of this next big wave in advertising before their competition does.

Our message is this: no business can afford to underestimate the huge impact mobile devices will be having on how we do business today!  I would go further and say to you  “ how your business responds to this opportunity over the next 12 months will define your business for the next decade.”
That’s how important this is.

I’d like to show you how this could work for your business.  Keep you ahead of your competition.  No obligation.  Not more than 30 minutes of your time. Give me a call and let me help you connect your business to all the mobile devices in your local market.

P.S. A typical text response rate for mobile device users is high: 20-70%  with a 95% “read rate”. Compare that to the response rate of traditional media @ 1-3%!

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