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Why Mobile is the next frontier for making money online, building new fortunes, building lists and growing your business.

Mobile marketing

  • Cell phone use is 3 X larger than internet users
  • Fundamental shift in how people communicate
  • Text open rates are 95%
  • 73% of mobile users report that text messaging is the most important feature on their phone
  • Users leave home with their car keys, wallet and  cell phone …and if they forget one of them they go back for it!
  • Times are changing rapidly – Mobile apps augment reality
  • Traditional advertising mediums are loosing their effectiveness
  • In fact, Mobile is even taking online advertising to the cleaners – Insight reports that mobile ad campaigns are 5 times more effective than internet ads.

Let’s face it. Technology and social media have leveled the playing field.

When you combine an emerging mobile market, Google places,  4Square, Facebook, FlowTown, and other technology developers accelerating their efforts, now more than ever before is the time for small and mid sized business to claim their stake in the mobile gold rush.

This is especially important for local businesses.

  • 82% of local searches result in an offline action
  • 30% of searches contain a city, state,  province or zip code
  • 34% of all searches are done on maps via phones
  • 56% of social and 60% of mobile users are more likely to search with a nearby business in mind

Imagine if someone told you what the internet would be a whole year beforehand? Do you think you would be more successful?

Well guess what?  Mobile madness is the new wild wild west, and the new gold rush, just like the advent of the internet in 1997.

Soon you will have Mobile Call to Actions and Digital images on your front door, business card, facebook, your car wrap, your menu, you bar tab, your building sign, you name it. Mobile marketing and communication will be the primary means of interacting with your clients and prospects.

The next 12 months will define your business destiny for the next decade.

The horse has left the barn folks and this stallion is leading the charge.

Check out our comprehensive Mobile Marketing Programs, and let’s get your business saddled up for a wild ride.

Do it now, before your competitor does!

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