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The i-Service Program is a complete turn-key solution that generates more revenues while increasing customer retention and satisfaction at a fraction of the cost of any other marketing.  We want you to be successful with the program right away, so we have included our M4 Group Mobile Marketing Services to get your system configured the way you need it plus launch all your initial Mobile Marketing Campaigns with and for you.

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I-Service is a customized mobile marketing solutions for personal services businesses.

The rapid growth of cellphone technology throws the door wide open for service businesses to adopt innovative ways to reach prospects and service clientele.

Separate yourself from the competition!

When service is paramount, i-Service is the mobile marketing platform guaranteed to increase customer retention and satisfaction while leaving your competitors in the dust.

i-Service becomes your virtual concierge or virtual assistance.  Wow your clients by anticipating their needs and providing them with outstanding customer service.

Mobile Marketing Services acts as a Concierge

Ah, but what about the delicate balance between engaging new clients, guests and patients while providing VIP treatment to the valued customers you already have?

With M4 Group’s i-Service mobile marketing program you can do both. The platform is a complete turn-key solution that generates more revenues while increasing customer retention and satisfaction by:

  • mobilizing your primary business service using the power of cellular phones
  • engaging prospects using text messaging campaigns in a hassle-free environment
  • adding keywords to existing advertising media to capture leads and interests
  • connecting clients to additional backend products or affiliated promotions where they can register with a simple click
  • converting more leads into sales using automated follow up messages along with a sales team, and
  • providing timely service alerts and reminders to VIP clients.

Would your service business get busier if you could reach out to your consumer marketplace…

  • Everywhere, anywhere,anytime?
  • Reach more than 70%  at any one time?
  • With a high 95% “open & read rate”?
  • With engaging, immediate and interactive conversations?
  • As you collect, measure and track data for instant response in real time?
  • More cost effective compared to traditional advertising?
  • With something consumers will appreciate as cool and innovative?

Capture new clientsMobile Marketing Campaigns

Let’s not forget about our VIP clients either.

Capture leads in real time with Text Message Marketing

Watch how quickly service revenues increase with our powerful Text Reminder System (iTRS) system which integrates timely service alerts & reminder text messages.  Here is your opportunity to mobilize your customer service while letting them know about backend services, addons, cross marketing concierge services, VIP only promotions.

The Text Reminder System (iTRS) is a two-way text messaging workstation designed to help your customer service representatives communicate easily and effectively with your patients, customers, or guests.

  • SEND patient or client appointment reminders
  • RECEIVE appointment confirmations and re-shedule requests
  • COMMUNICATE directly with mobile phones from your computer
  • IMPORT your existing database of patients directly into the iTRS Syste
  • MAINTAIN a complete messaging log of all conversations
  • CREATE your own message templates and use them over and over
  • PROVIDE your patients and staff a convenience that they will appreciate
  • SECURE web-based application

Text Message Marketing Systems accelerate backend service revenues

The Text Reminder System (iTRS) can be used to notify customers of upcoming appointments or when their room is ready or when their new dentures are ready for pickup.  Want to repeat the cycle for the next quarter or period? No problem, drag the client to another date in the future, select a template and your system will look after the rest.

Just had a cancellation? That is not a problem either. Why not use the iTRS to send out a blast to VIP clients letting them know you have an opening for 2pm today and are willing to deep discount a block of service to the first person that confirms by noon today.  Your valued clients will start looking forward to these last minute VIP only deals while your business still makes a profit.

Wow your customers by sending timely customer satisfaction surveys or asking them to enter a citation or review on your website from a simple click.  This process alone can save your business hundreds of hours and dollars and it’s completely automated!

Recipients read Text Message Marketing is in real time

Use Text Message Marketing for customer service

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