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M4 Group’s i-Retail mobile marketing program is a complete turn-key solution that generates more revenues while increasing customer retention and satisfaction at a fraction of the cost of any other marketing.

We want you to be successful with the program right away, so we have included our M4 Group Mobile Marketing Services to launch all your initial Mobile Marketing Campaigns with and for you.

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I-Retail is a customized mobile marketing solutions for retail businesses of any type.

Would your business get busier if you could reach out to your consumer marketplace…

  • Everywhere, anywhere,anytime?
  • Reach more than 70%  at any one time?
  • With a high 95% “open & read rate”?
  • With engaging, immediate and interactive conversations?
  • As you collect, measure and track data for instant response in real time?
  • More cost effective compared to traditional advertising?
  • With something consumers will appreciate as cool and innovative?

Separate yourself from the competition!

Text Message Marketing is simple marketing through mobile phones

Captures leads in real time with Mobile Marketing Solutions

Use the real estate on your products and POS receipts not just as lead magnets, but also to capture the interests of your customers for future promotions!
SMS Marketing using products and receipts

In fact, why not consider using the Mobile platform for your Affinity or Rewards program and say goodbye to lost cards and confusing tracking. Let the customer see their point volume and redeem them for more of your product at their convenience.

For technical products, why not save paper costs by using the physical product as an ad that moves your message directly into your prospects pocket? Add your call to action on to product spec sheets and brochures to get customers used to sending the details instantly to their mobile phones.  Unlike an app that simply allows prospective buyers to price shop via yours (and the competitions) mobile sites, our Mobile Marketing platform will capture for you – important contact information from targeted prospects that are telling you what their interest are – so you can easily schedule follow ups or use messages to send spontaneous notices about sales and price alerts.

Sends product info directly to phone using Mobile Marketing Strategy

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