iPay Text

I-Pay Text is a text message marketing platform combined with a mobile marketing M-Commerce System businesses can offer their customers to enable business payment transactions to and from mobile devices.

iPayText payment solution and text message marketing software enables secure and easy ordering and/or purchasing from mobile devices.

“Pay by Phone” is popping up all over the place these days – in magazines, on posters, on billboards and TV. With mobile payments you can safely and securely pay for things like clothes, movie tickets, coffee, food and more on the go, simply by sending a text message. These mobile payments are far more secure than traditional on-site credit card transactions which can result in vital information being released to unauthorized parties.

The M4 Mobile Marketing Solutions text messaging software can also be utilized for creating interactive mobile marketing campaigns, or as an ordering mechanism for tickets, parking, and concessions at live events. Now, wherever you are – on a sidewalk, on a couch, or on vacation – you can make purchases by sending a simple text message.

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