M4 Group & Associates help small to medium-sized businesses connect their “bricks and mortar” business to the world of Internet commerce.

Our ownership team has over 35 years of combined marketing experience, on- and off-line design and development combined with university/college accreditation for business and finance. Utilizing a selection of our most successful best practices as retail business owners and proprietary platforms, we are fully equipped to advance any business’ capacity to communicate more effectively with today’s internet-savvy, mobile consumers. We are especially adept at producing traffic and lead generation programming for online health or business education industry niches.

We have developed our business by building several others of our own from the ground up.  We started in 1993 with a retail medical equipment business that grew very well in its local area. As the Internet gained in importance, we learned that riding the Internet “edge of change” required a new breed of marketing, one that could respond quickly to advanced and evolving technologies and search engine algorithms. The success of those internet marketing efforts is what informs and feeds the design, development and proprietary strategies M4 Group customizes for its business clients.

What we did for ourselves, we can do for others.

Working with many businesses over the years, we’ve discovered that many companies struggle to respond to changing technological advances. Their approach is often fragmented using under-performing assets;  a “stand-alone” silo approach rather than a fusion of traditional media with on-line resources.

These are uncertain times. Yet, whatever the economic hurdles ahead, it is clear that a larger portion of total media ad spending will migrate to the Internet — even if overall ad spending remains stagnant. We recognize the urgent need for businesses to adopt more specialized marketing platforms if they want to connect to today’s consumer.

In today’s marketplace, an optimized Internet connection from your business to qualified consumers is how you can separate yourself from your competition.

If your business is ready to go there, you’ll be in good hands with our expert team.

Contact us today to let us show you what we can do for you.

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