i-Reward Mobile Loyalty & Rewards Marketing System


What if

there was an easy, automated way of encouraging more business and referrals from your best customers more often?

Well, there is!

Here’s how it works: it’s an automated Marketing App to connect your on-site customers to a user-friendly, self-serve Tablet display at your check-out counter.

That’s right; an attractive, App tablet right at the point of sale terminal or at a strategic location in the store–just like a candy display! You can use our Apps for online marketing to expand your reach, too.

i-Rewards Loyalty Marketing App

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The i-Rewards App is a fully customizable, automated kiosk marketing system for your retail or service business. No more paper or plastic punch cards. Customers check-in to your loyalty rewards program through a self-serve, digital kiosk tablet. They start the process by inputting their mobile number into the i-Rewards Kiosk dashboard. The system sends them reward notices and updates for being a loyal customer. As soon as they redeem their reward, the entire process resets itself.

This is the perfect PUSH-PULL marketing system. The system can send out promotions, events or VIP text messages to your customer’s phone to encourage them to come back in to your store ( e.g., on less busy days of the week).

Once we customize your App, it is fully automated.  The system does not require any additional staff to manage it.

Fuse this App with other Apps, like the i-Contest or i-Vote, to supercharge customer engagement in your store.

Fuse this App and your other media: print, TV, radio, internet, magazines, live events, signage, vehicles for added power and performance.

The i-Rewards App includes:

  • Your own customized Rewards Kiosk & Kiosk stand
  • Set up and design functions to personalize Rewards
  • Self-serve Opt-Ins, Check-Ins, & Coupon/Reward redemption
  • Defined multiple tier rewards
  • Real time Text messaging to your customers’ mobile phones
  • Links to mobile websites, social media pages or custom online App
  • Facebook LIKE requests sent directly from your kiosk
  • Tracking functions for all coupon rewards or offers
  • Auto engage function for customers who have not checked in for predetermined intervals
  • Access to mobile marketing software w/ additional features
  • Complete management and reporting from web-based software system
  • Option to add App to your Facebook account or your website to expand your reach beyond your physical premises
  • Available in 7″ or 9″ horizontal width Kiosk, with Security Plate
  • i-Basic Mobile Marketing Program & Monthly Kiosk service fees

Note: In Store WiFi is required to operate this service.

Select the i-Rewards Kiosk System @ 7″ horizontal width

Select the i-Rewards Kiosk System @ 9″ horizontal width

App Marketing Kiosk & Stand

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