How to use Local Mobile Fusion to Dominate your Market Niche

Local Search is the hottest marketing technique that combines Local SEO, Mobile Marketing and Fuses your traditional marketing.

What “used to work”  in marketing isn’t working anymore, and businesses that aren’t using Local Mobile Fusion are not only overpaying, but are getting farther and farther behind and even becoming invisible to consumers. For example, this week San Francisco just banned automatic delivery of the Yellow Pages to homes. Now they have to contact residents and get written permission to deliver it!

Tough Times are the New Normal

The current economic climate is changing the way people are spending money. Top economists believe this shift to conservative spending is not a passing trend but will actually become the “new normal”— much like what happened to consumer spending after the Great Depression of the 30’s. Whatever the economic hurdles ahead, it is clear that a larger portion of total media ad spending will migrate to the Internet — even if overall ad spending remains stagnant.

So as a local business owner, you need to make a 2 degree shift and know how your prospects and consumers are using the Internet.

Not only are consumers already using the internet venues and search engines available to them today, but they even are using them as a forum to talk about experiences they have with business.  They are leaving comments about you —sometimes good, sometimes not so good– in their social network forums and other places of influence.

So it’s kind or ironic isn’t it? You don’t get to decide if your business is mobile or on the web after all. In the end, the customers have already decided how they want to shop. Now it’s your turn to decide whether or not you want to be there to meet them.

You need to use these same tools in your business to get noticed, to get connected, to have a conversation, and to build a relationship with consumers.

What is working is Local Mobile Fusion, which leverages the power of Internet, and puts the search and the discovery of your business in one place–right in the palm of your prospects  hand.

Now it’s your turn to decide whether or not you want to be there to meet them.

We’ve made it real easy for you and even put together a short video for you to learn:Local SEO using Local Mobile Fusion

  • how this strategy levels the playing ground for your business,
  • what you need to know,
  • why it is important, and
  • what you can do about it.

We’ll even show you how when today’s consumers are ready to buy, they are more likely to purchase from a business:

  • That they can search for on line from wherever they are
  • That offers them what they want, right now
  • And then directs them–from where they are in the local area—right to your business place.

We share with you how this virtual connection–especially at a local level– drives more traffic and optimizes sales conversions more effectively than traditional  marketing.

Watch the Dominate Your Local Market Niche with Local Mobile Fusion video (22 mins)

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