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raving fansExtending Your Business Presence with Facebook

Businesses are increasingly placing their confidence in social media and SEO as as a way to bolster leads and their brands online.

What this can mean to your business? It begins with the social media presence itself.  Hundreds of thousands of websites all linking to the same social media site tells the search engines that this is a popular site.  If it’s popular, the search engines regard the website as an authority. Massive links, then, equals recognized authority on line. So, if your business isn’t being recognized, well, it’s going nowhere!

Most business owners are unaware that this is one of the most effective and cost-effective techniques they can use to dominate search results and improve their online ranking. Because optimizing website rank can take a long time to build up competitively, a social media site is a way to get to the top–almost overnight!

Surprising, right? But true. You can capitalize on this strategy by first, placing your business content onto your social media pages. Next, optimize those same social media pages for your desired keywords and send links to them. You will be amazed at how quickly you will see results.  It is very similar to having a mobile website; do it right and you will ignite your online position and presence.

Since social media is also about real people and not just search engines, here is our best recommendation for you and your business: replicate the look and feel of your online business presence and brand as closely as possible. At M4 Group Marketing, we do this for our business clients by customizing their Facebook pages and applications with the most engaging content, lead capture assets, product & service information, shopping carts, coupons, special offers and more.

Further, because there is far too much information to cut and paste into a single webpage, we also prefer to use multiple pages grouped within slider tabs or we create an entire Facebook mini-site with all the bells and whistles so it looks–and acts–just like a mobile website.

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Each of the images below will take you to a live Facebook page with the Custom mini-site:

Restaurant Custom Facebook Website by M4 Group MarketingSerenty Spa and Salon Custom Facebook Website by M4 Group MarketingLegal Business Custom Facebook Website by M4 Group MarketingPlumbing Business Custom Facebook Website by M4 Group MarketingChiropractic Business Custom Facebook Website by M4 Group MarketingRealtor Custom Facebook Website by M4 Group MarketingDental Practice Business Custom Facebook Website by M4 Group MarketingAuto Towing Business Custom Facebook Website by M4 Group MarketingWater Filter Systems WebinarWater Filter Systems ResourcesWater Filter Systems WelcomeEnricos Pizza Business Custom Facebook Website by M4 Group Marketing

Facebook Custom Development Packages

Our pricing structure for developing Facebook pages and applications is based upon the number of pages involved and the time required to plan and manage the project as well as the project size and scope.

Our Facebook packages start at $597 – $1,497. We can also replicate your Facebook pages into full mobile websites that work in harmony with your main website. Once your Facebook page or mini-site is complete we can then round out your project with one of our Social Media SEO programs.

Our custom pages include the SSL certificates and the new iframe code recently required by Facebook developers.

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Facebook Custom Page
Facebook Custom Slider or Micro-Site Package Facebook Custom Mini-Site Package

Facebook Set Up Fee: $597 $997 $1,497
Number of Pages included
One page, extra pages $197 each up to 5 pages up to 15 pages
Add Facebook Link-building Campaigns & Syndication optional optional optional
Add Mobile Website, micro sites and landing pages optional optional optional
Set up & Development Time 5 days up to 14 days up to 30 days
Implementation by Professional Team
Quality Check & Tested
Satisfaction Guarantee
Let’s Get Started!
Do you have a website that uses flash or is not mobile enabled? No problem.
M4 Group Marketing can help you with that–even if you already have a website.  By optimizing the type of activity around your site that search engines like,  your page rank status will automatically improve and start attracting new traffic to your business in the local marketplace.

There is NO NEED to make changes to your current website to accomplish this either. Give us a call today and let us plug in our smart detection mobile enabled + search engine optimized website for your business. Select from our Custom Mobile Website Development Packages.

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