M4 Group offers a diverse range of business development and marketing consulting services including but not limited to the following:

Business Strategy & Development

  • Marketing & business analysis, assessment and strategic planning consultations
  • Marketing diagnostics to clarify & amplify your vision and goals, and take a hard look at where you are currently in relation to those goals
  • Market/competitor research & demographics
  • Develop Marketing, Business & Strategic Growth plans
  • Prepare financial models, forecasts and budgets for new product/market development initiatives
  • Prepare proformas, business valuations and loan application documents
  • Prepare executive summary and proformas for investor memorandums
  • Prepare request for bids/proposals documentation

Organizational Systems and Process Development

  • One-on-one consultations to define and document your business operations
  • Prepare a business diagnostics snapshot of what’s working and what’s not, qualify & assess your key business needs
  • Develop & optimize processes & systems for every aspect of your business, including proven systems in areas that will build your business in the future
  • Design and document procedures & best practices, manuals, position and training guides
  • Develop custom checklists, templates and other tools to improve efficiencies
  • Identify areas of cost savings & growth opportunities for your business with related implementation strategies
  • Develop a management information system & dashboard to help you monitor business operations and make informed decisions

Development of Custom Marketing Materials & Collateral

  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Postcards
  • PowerPoint presentations and templates
  • Digital magazines & Magcasts
  • Branding packages (logo, business card, letterhead)

Email Marketing Management (Ezines/E-Newsletters)

  • Customize ezine/e-newsletter template designs
  • Broadcasting – monthly, bi-weekly and weekly frequencies
  • Database management
  • Editing and proofreading of content
  • Develop and maintain list building strategy

Marketing Campaign Development (online & offline)

  • Develop target market demographics profile for ideal customers
  • Develop Lead Magnets (report, blueprint, e-book, survey, video, etc) and integrate with opt in process
  • Develop and manage Direct mail campaigns
  • Develop and manage Personalized URL direct mail and email campaigns
  • Develop and manage Pay per click advertising campaigns
  • Set-up automated systems for prospect follow-up and lead nurturing processes
  • Set-up and manage marketing tools – auto-responders, ad-tracking, reports
  • Coordinate and manage marketing efforts to promote your campaigns and generate targeted leads
  • Prepare and submit Articles for directory submissions
  • Prepare and submit content for RSS syndication
  • Prepare and submit media for Video syndication

Mobile Marketing Development & Management

  • Customize mobile marketing system with CRM, campaign manager, social integration, tracking, analytic & reporting functions
  • Develop Mobile campaigns (for standalone use, and  fusion with other digital and print marketing campaigns)
  • Set-up automated communication systems for prospect follow-up and lead nurturing processes
  • Set up automated loyalty rewards program with multiple tier rewards, check in & redemption functions, in-active engagement triggers, social sharing, reporting & analytics
  • Set up automated lead segmentation and marketing groups for your ongoing list building
  • Set up broadcast functions and remote blast capabilities for text messages on the fly, date specific or for emergencies
  • Develop widgets and tools for mobile integration on websites and social profiles
  • Provide ongoing mobile system hosting, training and support materials

Marketing Apps

  • Customize marketing applications for use with your website and social profiles
  • Mobile Loyalty Rewards apps
  • Social apps for voting, quiz’s, surveys, & polls
  • Contests and giveaway apps
  • i-Deal apps to promote discounts or special group-on style offers
  • Customer reviews and testimonial apps

Website Development (We specialize in WordPress!)

  • Develop and manage:
    • Landing pages
    • Niche specific websites
    • Mobile and responsive websites
    • Membership sites
    • E-Commerce and shopping carts
    • Blog and CRM integration
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Social media integration

Social Media Development and Management

  • Setup Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest profiles
  • Optimize profiles, develop and post ongoing content for social engagement, distribution and integration to your website, landing pages or sales pages

Affiliate Marketing Development

  • Affiliate strategy and marketing plan development
  • Conduct affiliate research and demographic profiles
  • Develop affiliate system with multi-tier structure capabilities, product tracking links,  analytics, and reporting
  • Set-up affiliate registration landing page & automated communication systems for follow-up & access to affiliate resource center
  • Set-up affiliate resource center and develop affiliate marketing collateral (affiliate email swipes, banners, social links, training resources)
  • Coordinate and manage affiliate marketing efforts to promote your affiliate program opportunity to targeted affiliate leads
  • Develop turn-key process for super affiliates to ensure they do what needs to be done
  • Develop and maintain affiliate newsletter and communications

Development of Information Products

We can help you create new revenue streams by turning your expert knowledge into information products  that sell right from your website or within your social media profile!

  • Design e-books, e-courses, reports, whitepapers, videos, live & perpetual webinars and more by re-purposing your existing content
  • Design customized covers and graphic images to match the style of your website and other marketing collateral materials
  • Set-up products for purchase on your website with instant downloadable links, or through your membership site with drip or on demand access
  • Set-up automated systems for client purchase and follow-up processes
  • Coordinate and manage marketing efforts to promote your products and generate targeted leads

Training & Webinar Event Coordination & Marketing

  • Project Management (provide and manage bridge line, recordings, registration, reports & analytics, moderator functions)
  • Coordinate speakers, guest speakers and affiliates
  • Develop registration pages and integrate with your websites and social profiles
  • Provide powerpoint template, polls, surveys, and scripts
  • Copy editing of training, educational, program content
  • Set-up automated systems for registrants communications, reminders, and post event follow-up processes
  • Develop and integrate marketing materials
  • Convert live webinars and trainings into automated webinar systems, and optimize with ongoing split testing to maximize conversions
  • Comprehensive marketing and promotion of training & webinar events to targeted leads

Lead Generation and Management

  • Develop target market demographics profile for your ideal customers (B2B, B2C, Social)
  • Develop systems to generate ongoing leads & new contacts for any industry, region or market and provide these targeted leads to you for use with your marketing campaigns or to distribute to your sales teams
  • For our B2B lead generation systems, we mix our algorithm to
    • Target businesses that spend advertising money marketing their brand or product
    • Target corporate websites and gather decision maker’s contact information
    • Gather comprehensive Market Analysis data & intellegence for each lead click to see Market Analysis Data
  • Provide your leads list in a CSV file format for easy import into your CRM or send to directly to your Outlook
  • Provide advanced lead project management services including:
    • Creating personalized landing pages for each lead integrating dynamic tokens into the copy to engage prospects and increase conversions
    • Developing a turn-key email system for finding target leads, integrating professional email copy with call to action, and then directly contacting them from within our HTML e-mailer. Report on email opens rates and link clicks for turn-key email campaigns
    • Developing and managing a turn-key call center system for finding target leads, integrating professional scripts with call to action and then directly contacting new leads from within our Voice broadcast or SMS text system, using a dynamic option that prompts users to press 1 to be connected to a preset number
    • Setting up and managing lead targeting and engagement directly within LinkedIN

Public Relations Support

  • Develop and maintain public relations campaign strategies
  • Create and distribute press releases
  • Review reputation management, and prepare and manage citations & reviews implementation

Copy Editing

  • Editing and proofreading for all digital and print copy and business documentation
  • Information product development copy editing
  • Landing pages, sales pages and all sales related copy editing
  • Search engine optimized (SEO) website copy editing
  • Marketing collateral and advertising copy editing

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